Team4You Executive recruitment agency with pay-for results
Smart Hunting for Smart Projects
We work across all technology stacks, including:
  • SAP, 1С, Oracle, Big Data, Data Science, DevOps
  • Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Go, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Scala
  • Android, iOS
  • 2D Animator, CG Artist, Game Designer, Unity Developer, Graphic Designers
  • CTOs, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Accounts, BDM, Sales
  • System administrators, IT Engineers
  • Performance Marketing, SEO, CRM Marketing, Programmatic, Influencer Marketing, SERM
  • Head of SEO, CMO, Media Group Head, Account Director, Media Buyer
  • Finance Director, HR Director, Head of Direction, Sales Director, Commercial Director
  • Engineering positions for construction business, pharma, manufacturing
Our Benefits
  • 1
    The average speed of bringing a candidate on staff (e.g. Sales Manager or Team Lead) - 3 calendar weeks.
  • 2
    We provide the first candidates on 4th working day from the moment we receive all information on the vacancy. We are fully responsible for results!
  • 3
    The nature of payment can be decided closer to the final stage in the recruitment process.
Example Projects