We decided to launch this service because we see that many of you find it quite difficult to look for a job on your own.

And this is one of the options for your promotion in the market - full employment support. You ll receive full support in one-stop-shop mode. We work up to the moment you join the employer's staff.

Professionals sometimes find it difficult to navigate the vast amount of information on the internet. And it is especially difficult to compile a CV on their own.
Many people need help and support in preparing for job interviews. As part of this service, we also help you write cover letters and develop a job search strategy.

Identify the applicant's strengths and weaknesses. We see in which area a person would feel most comfortable working. Find the companies to which you should send your CV.
What are the guarantees?
What is included in the fee


  • Diagnose the current situation;
  • Identify real prospects and growth points;
  • Estimate the potential value in the labour market in relation to the target position;
  • Choose a positioning strategy in the market and a possible career route;
  • Define a list of activities;
  • Determine the necessary channels for candidate promotion;
  • Generate a pool of vacancies at your request - both from public and confidential sources;
  • We provide counselling support in negotiations with employers;
  • Shape the most rational negotiation strategy;
  • We assess the correctness of the employment contract and the terms and conditions offered by the employer;
  • Provide support for entering the company and liaising with key stakeholders (optional).

Employment counselling is aimed at making candidates feel more confident. We want to help you navigate through the mass of information that surrounds you and help you reduce anxiety.

What are the guarantees?

We receive our fee only after the candidate is employed.
And if the candidate will find it difficult to pay a large amount for our work at once, then there is an instalment option.

After our help clients start to find work on their own very quickly, and so that our labour is not wasted, we charge a subscription fee - 300$/month.

What is included in the fee

  • Four meetings with a career counsellor for 1 hour each;
  • Unlimited correspondence and answers questions in messengers and by mail;
  • Unlimited writing assistance for the candidate's employment. If a CV needs to be tailored to a specific employer, our career counsellor will help make it happen.


The service does not imply guaranteed employment in a particular company, as it excludes the possibility of direct influence on the final decision of a potential employer!

We urge that any guarantees of this nature be treated critically.

However, we guarantee that your time on the market will be significantly shorter than if you search on your own, and all of our expertise and networking opportunities will be utilised.