We select, motivate, test and evaluate specialists, managers, middle and senior executives to best meet your requirements in the best possible time.
Terms and conditions
Who we're picking up
Where we pick up


  • Obtaining a job description, including project description, requirements for the candidate and working conditions;
  • Publication of the vacancy;
  • Open and closed candidate searches;
  • Initial interview with recruitment agency;
  • Providing CV's suitable according to the candidates' interview results with a brief reference;
  • Shortlisting of candidates;
  • Conducting customer interviews with shortlisted candidates;
  • Selecting the right candidate;
  • Preparing an offerer for the candidate;
  • Supporting the candidate at the decision making stage;
  • Supporting the candidate during the candidate onboarding phase to the customer.

Terms and conditions

  • No prepayment;
  • First candidates for 3rd day of work;
  • Shortlist candidates within 2 weeks;
  • Reservation of the candidate for Customer - 3 p.d. from the date of submission;
  • The agency s commission is an agreed % of the specialist gross annual income.
  • Free replacement of the exited candidate in case of his/her resignation;
  • The period for finding a replacement - 3 calendar months;
  • In case there is no replacement within the agreed time frame, the payment will be refunded minus the time worked by the candidate;
  • Securing the candidate to recruitment agency within 12 calendar months of submission.

Who we're picking up

  • Top managers;
  • Frontend development: PHP, JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular);
  • Back-end development: Java, Erlang, Scala, Kotlin, Go, C++, C#, Python, Ruby;
  • Enterprise: SAP, 1C, Oracle, Big Data, Data Science, DevOps, QA;
  • Development Support: DevOps;
  • Testing: manual, automated functional, load;
  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, Postgresql, Mysql;
  • Big Data: Data Science, AI;
  • Mobile development: Android, iOS;
  • Gamemade: UE4, UE5, Unity;
  • Design: 2D Animator, CG Artist, Game Designer, Unity Developer, UX;
  • Analytics: Business analysts, system analysts;
  • Management: project managers, product managers, project administrators;
  • Back office: Sales managers, accountants, administrative staff.

Where we pick up

  • Russia;
  • Europe;
  • U.S.A;
  • CIS;
  • Asia.