Career consulting

We help managers to talk to employees about career, build an individual development plan, and carry out competent outplacement of specialists.

Career counselling in company is helping a person to answer the question, "What should I do?" by helping them analyse their situation, come to define it take responsibility for it and make their own decisions.

In sharing responsibility for the career development of its employees, employers must address a number of tactical issues. The main issues are:

When to start working on problems? When they have already occurred, or at the time when they are emerging and can be minimised? Reactive organisations wait for problems to arise, analyse them, and then propose a solution. Proactive organisations analyse possible changes in advance, preparing their staff for them. How can dealing with a problem become a planned part of an organisation s daily life, rather than dealing with a natural disaster hitting the individual and the organisation? What skills, attitudes and knowledge do people need to be prepared for possible changes and the problems associated with them. How do you plan for change?

What are the economic and psychological benefits of preparing individuals to build their careers in one-on-one and -a -one-on-one and group discussions? Is it possible to create an organisational climate that encourages people to pursue their own careers?
Can t specialist or generalist help be offered in dealing with human personnel? Do line managers need help? Can can employees help each other? What help is there from questionnaires and self-help tools?